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Almondvale Programmes, 5 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QJ Scotland Tel 0131 652 1444
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54/5 East Fife £50, 56/7 £30 Pars L, Airdrie, 57/8 £15 Airdrie sl fld, QP fld sof £7, Third Lanark £25, St M sl fld, 58/9 £20 Hearts, Falkirk sl fld, St M fld sof £10, Hibs LC sl fld, Celtic fld, 59/60 £20 S’raer SC, Pars, Hibs, Dons LC fld, Dundee cr £5, Hearts LC £30+L £30, Third Lanark fld, Well cr £5, Rangers sl fld £20, St M fld, Celtic, 60/1 £6 Dons, Dundee fld, Well, Raith fld, Dundee U, Hibs LC+L sof, Hearts L fld, Pars LC, 61/2 £5 Well, Hibs £20, Falkirk, Partick fld sm sof, Raith LC, St M LC+L, Third Lanark, Dundee sl fld £15, Pars, Rangers cr, 62/3 £6 Airdrie LC fld, Hibs, Hearts, Clyde fld, Pars fld, Raith LC+L fld £3, St M wof, 63/4 £4 QOS LC fld+L fld, Dundee fld, St M fld, Pars fld, Dundee U fld, Hibs, Celtic sl fld £10, Hearts sm sof £5, 64/5 Hearts LC sl fld £15+L £40, Celtic LC sl fld £15, Falkirk £10, Dons sl fld £15, Clyde £10, 65/6 £3 Pars sl fld, Dundee, Dundee U, St M sof, St J, Stirling, 66/7 £3 Airdrie, Rangers LC fld £5+L sl fld £5, Celtic fld £15, Dundee fld, Clyde fld, Hearts sl fld £5, St M wof, 67/8 £3 Partick LC+L mk, Hearts fld, Falkirk, Hibs £5, Raith, Rangers sl fld £5, Celtic fld sof, St J fld sof, 68/9 £2 Hearts L, Pars tape mk, Morton, Dundee, Clyde PH, Raith, Airdrie, Dundee U, Arbroath, Falkirk, 69/70 £1 Hearts L+SC £3, Celtic £3, Partick LC, Dundee U, Dons £5, Hibs, Clyde, St M, 70/1 £1 Ayr L wof+ Ayrshire Cup Final, Hearts £3, Celtic £3, St M PH, St J, 71/2 £1 East Fife, Ayr (Ayrshire Cup Final) £2, Hearts £3, Rangers £3, Hibs LC £4+L £4, Celtic £5, St J sof, Dundee sof, 72/3 £1 Dons £5, Celtic £3, Hearts £5, Morton ph, Rangers £5, St J sof, 73/4 £2 Raith wof £1, St J LC, 74/5 £1 Hibs LC £5, Rangers sl fld, Celtic, Hearts £5, Ayr PH, Airdrie, Clyde fld, Well, St J sl fld, 75/6 £1 Airdrie fld, St J LC, Hamilton fld, 76/7 £1 Hearts Dec+Apr, Rangers Nov+Mar £2, Hibs Feb £2, Celtic Sept £3+Jan, Dons Nov fld £3, Well Jan, 77/8 £1 Hearts Aug, Celtic SC, QOS Nov, St J Oct+Mar, 78/9 50p C’bank Mar, Airdrie Dec, QOS Dec+Apr, Rangers SC, Raith Feb, St J Feb+Mar, 79/80 50p Rangers DC+Sept+Apr £3, Celtic Nov+Mar, Hibs LC £3+Sept £3, Partick SC sl wof, Dons DC £3+1ST Apr £3+19th Apr £3, 80/1 £1 Rangers Sept+Dec, Dons Nov £2+Mar £2, Celtic Aug+Jan, Hearts Sept £3+Mar, Airdrie LC sl fld, 81/2 £1 Hearts LC £3+Nov £3+May £2, Dons LC, QOS Nov+ May, QP Sept, 82/3 £1 Rangers LC+Nov+Mar, Hibs Sept+ Jan, Celtic Dec+Apr £2, Dundee U Oct+Feb, 83/4 £1.50 Hibs LC £3, C’bank Dec £3, Celtic LC, M’bank Sept, Clyde Dec, 84/5 £1 Falkirk Apr, Clyde May, East Fife Nov+Jan, 85/6 £1 Ayr Jan, Morton Nov, East Fife Apr, 86/7 £1 Hearts SC 1st replay+ 2nd replay, QOS Nov+Mar sl fld, Pars Sept, Ayr LC, 87/8 £1 C’bank Oct, M’bank Oct £2+Mar, QOS Jan sl fld, Clyde Sept, 88/9 £1 Ayr Aug, M’bank Dec, 89/90 £1 QOS Nov, 90/1 £1 M’bank Nov £2, 91/2 £1 Ayr Aug, Dundee Apr, M’bank SC 92/3 £1 Hibs LC, M’bank Jan, C’beath Feb, 92/3 Res £2 v Hibs YC, 93/4 £1 Hearts Nov+Apr, Hibs Sept+Jan, Rangers Nov, Celtic Nov+Apr, Dundee Mar, Dundee U Mar, 94/5 £1 Dons Oct+Feb, Hearts Nov+Apr, Hibs Nov, Celtic Nov+Mar, 95/6 £1 Dons Dec, Celtic Oct+Jan £3, Hearts Oct+ SC, Hibs Sept+Jan, Rangers Nov, 95/6 Res £2 v Rangers Feb, 96/7 £1.50 Dons Dec fld, Hearts Dec, Hibs Nov+ Apr, Celtic Aug+ Mar, 96/7 Res £2 v Hibs Aug, 97/8 £1.50 Hearts Sept £3+Jan, Hibs Oct+May, Dons Apr, Celtic Dec+Apr £3, Rangers Sept+Feb, 97/8 Res £2 v Rangers Nov, Dons YC, Hibs Aug, Celtic Apr, 98/9 £1.50 Hearts Aug+Dec, Dons Apr £3, Celtic Oct+Mar, Rangers Feb £3, 99/00 £1.50 Hibs LC+Nov+Mar, Celtic Sept+Jan, Rangers Oct+May, Hearts LC Nov post £25+ played £3+Dec £4+Apr £4, 00/01 £2 Hearts Dec £5+Apr, Hibs LC+ Jan+SC, Partick SC, Dundee Dec, Caley SC, Rangers Aug, Celtic May, St M Oct, 01/02 £2 Livi Oct+ Mar, Dundee U Dec+May, Hibs Nov+ Apr, Celtic SC+ Jan, Airdrie SC, Pars Dec, Rangers 30th Jan, St J. Aug, Hearts Sept+ Feb, 02/03 £2 Hearts Nov+May, Hibs Dec+Apr, Livi Nov, Airdrie LC, Dundee U Nov, Dundee Dec, Well Aug, Dons Sept+ Mar, Pars Oct+mar, Celtic Dec+May, 03/04 £2 Hibs Jan+ Apr, Dons Oct+May, Celtic Nov+Apr, Dundee Aug+Feb, Partick Feb, Pars Jan, Rangers Nov, Livi Dec+ May, Hearts Sept £4+Mar £4, 04/05 £2 Caley Oct+Apr, Dundee U Sept+Mar, Hearts Nov+ SC, Livi Nov+May, Hamilton LC, Pars Aug+Feb+ May, Celtic Aug+Jan, Hibs Oct, Dons Mar, Dundee Dec+Apr, Well Jan, Rangers Dec £3, 05/06  £3 Caley Nov, Celtic Oct+Apr, Hibs Jan+May, Livi Aug+Feb, Stirling LC, Falkirk Sept, Hearts July+Jan, Dons oct, Well Aug, 06/07 £3.50 Hibs Aug+Jan, Celtic Oct+Apr, Caley Mar, Livi LC, Dons Mar, Hearts Dec+May £5, Rangers Feb, Hearts Dec+May, Dundee U Jan, Pars Dec, 07/08 £3.50 Dundee U Aug+Jan, Celtic Nov+SC, Hibs Dec, Dons Sept +Feb, St M Sept+Mar, Hearts Oct+Apr, Rangers Aug+Feb, Caley Oct, Falkirk May, 07/08 Res £2 v Hibs Apr, St M Oct, 08/09 £3.50 Hearts Jan, Dons Dec+Jan, Celtic LC+Sept+Mar, Hamilton Aug+Jan, St M Dec+May, Caley Nov+ May, Falkirk Oct+ Apr+ May, Hibs Aug+Feb, Ayr SC, Dundee U Nov, Rangers Nov, 08/09 Res £2 v Dons Feb, Celtic Dec, Rangers Nov, 08/09 Under 19 £3 v Hibs, 09/10 £3.50 Hearts Nov+Dec post £5+Jan+Apr, Dons Oct, St J. Oct+May, Dundee U Nov+Jan, Hamilton Aug, Falkirk Dec+May, Hibs Dec, St M LC+ Aug+Feb, Celtic Dec+SC, Rangers Sept+Mar, 10/11 £3.50 Hibs LC+Dec, Hearts Dec post+Jan £7.50+Apr, Well Mar, Dons Nov, St M Feb, Caley Oct+Apr, Celtic Apr+May, Airdrie LC £7.50, 10/11 Under 19’s £3 v Hibs, 11/12 £3.50 Hibs Aug+Feb, Celtic Oct+Apr, Dundee SC, Hearts Aug £5+Feb, St M Jan, 11/12 Under 19 £3 v Hibs, 12/13 £4 Hibs Dec, col t/s £1+SC+col t/s £1+May abandoned, Hearts Dec £5+Apr, St M Sept+ Apr+ May, Dons Oct, Celtic Dec, Dundee Apr, Caley Nov, Well Feb, 12/13 Under 20 £1.50 v Caley, Hibs, Dons, C’beath YC, St M, Celtic, Dundee U, Pars, Falkirk, 13/14 £4 Celtic Sept, St M May, Hibs Aug+ Feb, Hearts Oct+Mar, Partick Dec, Caley Jan, St M Jan / Dons Jan double issue, 13/14 Under 20 £1 v Caley Sept, St J Oct, Dons YC+ Mar, Celtic Feb, Dundee U Jan, Well Aug+ YC, St M Nov, Ross Co Nov, Morton YC, Hibs Apr, Hamilton Mar, Partick Feb, 14/15 £4 Hamilton Dec, Dons Aug+Apr, 14/15 Under 20 £2 Hearts, Hibs. Caley, Dundee U, Dons, Rangers, 15/16 £4.50 Hearts LC+Jan, Dons Dec, Rangers SC £5, Caley Oct, Berwick LC, 15/16 Under 20 £1.50 v Hearts, Celtic, Dons, Hibs, 16/17 £4.50 Hearts Oct+Apr, Dons Oct, Rangers Apr, 17/18 £4.50 Aberdeen SC+Apr, Hearts May,

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