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Almondvale Programmes, 5 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QJ Scotland Tel 0131 652 1444
EASTWOOD TOWN 95/6 £5 Gretna, 97/8 £5 Gretna, 99/00 £5 Gretna, EASTLEIGH 17/18 £3 Barrow, EBBSFLEET UTD 17/18 £3 Barrow, ENFIELD 84/5 £1 Exeter FAC, EVERTON (please note most of the 50’s have tc) 27/28 £10 Arsenal reprint, 53/4 £5 Forest fld, B’burn fld, 54/5 £5 L’cester fld, S’land fld, B’pool, Sheff W, Burnley fld sl tr, Preston fld, Man C FAC fld £10, H’field fld, Pompey fld, N’castle fld, Spurs fld Dam £1, Charlton fld, Villa fld, 55/6 Man C fld, WBA, Arsenal sl fld, Villa, 56/7 £4 Bolton sl fld, Villa, Arsenal sl fld, Pompey sl fld, Brum, Leeds sl fld, WBA sl fld, 57/8 £4 Bolton, Arsenal sl fld, S’land, Wolves, Brum fld, Burnley, Sheff W fld, Forest sl fld, Preston, 58/9 £3 Burnley sl fld, Leeds, Pompey, S’land FAC fld, Charlton FAC sl fld, Villa FAC, WBA, B’pool fld, Spurs, 59/60 £3 Fulham, B’burn, Sheff W, Wolves £5, Spurs, Chelsea, 60/1 £3 B’Burn, Preston, Villa, L’pool County Cup Final £5, WBA, Wolves, Sheff Wed L+FAC, Spurs £7.50, Chelsea fld, Bolton, 61/2 £3 Cardiff, Arsenal fld, Wolves fld, Ipswich, WHU, L’pool Floodlit Cup+County Cup, 62/3 £4 L’pool, 63/4 £3 Burnley fld, Wolves, Hull FAC, L’pool £4, L’cester, Ipswich, Forest fld, WBA fld, B’pool fld, WHU, 64/5 £2 WBA sof, Stoke, L’pool £4, Spurs, Man U fld, Sheff U, WHU sof, Sheff W L sof+FAC, B’burn, Leeds L+FAC, L’cester wof, Wolves, WBA, Burnley, Brum, B’pool fld, Villa, Chelsea, Fulham fld, Arsenal, 65/6 £2 Chelsea, Sheff W, Burnley, WBA sl tr, Arsenal, B’burn, Spurs fld, L’cester, Leeds, S’land, Fulham, Villa, S’land FAC fld, Stoke, Coventry FAC sl fld, Man U £4, Forest, L’pool £4, Man C FAC fld, 66/7 £1.50 Villa, Soton, Stoke, WHU, L’pool L+FAC, Burnley FAC, WHU, Soton sl fld, WBA, L’cester cr, Arsenal, 67/8 £1.50 Fulham, Soton, Burnley, WBA, Spurs, L’pool, Leeds, Wolves, Sheff U, Forest, Tranmere FAC £3, Chelsea, Arsenal, Stoke,  68/9 £1.50 Luton LC, Tranmere LC, Ipswich FAC, Leeds wof, Man U, 69/70 £1.50  Man U, Sheff W, Leeds, WHU, Soton, Arsenal LC+L, S’land, Stoke, Forest, Burnley, L’pool, Derby, Man C, Ipswich, Wolves, N’castle, Coventry, Spurs, Chelsea, WBA £2, 70/1 £1 Ipswich, N’castle, Burnley, Arsenal £2, 71/2 £1 Man U, Arsenal, Bristol R LC, Spurs FAC+L, Chelsea, N’castle, Soton, Man C, Palace, Leeds, Derby, Coventry, Ipswich fld, N’castle, L’pool fld, Stoke, H’field, WHU, WBA fld, Walsall FAC, Man C, Wolves fld, L’cester, forest, Sheff U, 72/3 50p Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, Soton, Brum, Ipswich, Man C, Palace, Derby, WBA, 73/4 50p L’pool, Man C, Arsenal, Norwich LC+L, Man U, Stoke, Wolves, Chelsea, QPR, Reading LC £2, WHU, Burnley, Spurs, Sheff U, Leeds, derby, Brum, Soton, L’cester, 74/5 £1 Arsenal, L’pool sl fld, Spurs, Villa LC, N’castle, Coventry, Boro, Chelsea, WHU, Derby £2, Burnley, 75/6 £1 Arsenal LC+L, Coventry, Norwich, Notts C LC, Leeds, Derby, Burnley, Man U, Brum, Ipswich, Man C, Stoke, QPR, Wolves, Spurs, Boro, L’cester, Carlisle LC £2, Villa, L’pool £2, Sheff U, N’castle, WHU, 76/7 50p Arsenal, Man U, WHU, Derby L+FAC, Cambridge LC, Coventry LC fld+L, Brum, QPR, S’land, Spurs, Bristol C, Man C, Stoke L+FAC, Spurs, Boro, WBA, Norwich, Villa, Ipswich, Leeds, L’cester, Swindon FAC, L’pool, Man U, Coventry, WBA, N’castle, 77/8 50p Arsenal, Wolves fld, Leeds fld, L’cester, Villa, QPR, WHU, Boro LC+L, 78/9 50p Chelsea, Spurs, Boro, Norwich, Bolton, L’pool £3, Coventry, Derby, Villa, WBA Dec+May, Spurs, Wolves, Leeds, Man U, Forest LC+L, Ipswich, Bristol C. Man C, Soton, D’ton LC £3, W’don LC £2, Arsenal, QPR, Brum,  79/80 50p Arsenal, Cardiff LC, L’pool £3, Man C, Forest, Man U, Norwich, Villa LC+L, Wolves, Bristol C,  Brighton, Derby, A’shot FAC £1, Stoke, Wigan FAC, Ipswich, Boro, Leeds, Spurs, Palace, 80/1 50p Arsenal L+FAC £2, Man C L+FAC, Boro, Brighton, Norwich, S’land, Forest, WBA LC+L, Palace, Soton FAC, Brum, L’cester, Spurs, L’pool L+FAC, Coventry, Leeds, Man U, Stoke, Man C, Ipswich, Villa, 81/2 50p Wolves, Man U, Boro, Brighton, Notts C, WBA, Ipswich LC £1+L, Brum, Man C, Oxford LC £1, S’land, Swansea, Villa, Coventry, Soton, Spurs, Stoke, WHU, L’pool £1, Forest, Leeds, Wolves, 82/3 50p Arsenal LC+L, Spurs L+FAC, Villa, Ipswich, Coventry, Man U, Stoke, Swansea, Soton, Notts C, S’bury FAC, Watford, Newport LC £2+FAC £2, Forest, Luton, Brum, WBA, S’land, Bighton, Norwich, WHU, L’pool £3, Man C, Villa, 83/4 50p Villa, QPR, L’pool £3, Gills FAC £3, S’bury FAC, 84/5 £1 S’land, Telford FAC, QPR £3, Man U, 85/6 50p Arsenal, Luton L+FAC, N’castle, Man U L+Super Cup £2, WBA, Coventry, Brum, B’mouth LC £1, Norwich Super Cup £2, Oxford, Sheff W, L’cester, Chelsea LC, Forest, Watford, Soton, WHU, Exeter FAC, Spurs L+Super Cup £2, Ipswich, QPR, B’burn FAC, Man C, Villa, Chelsea, 86/7 £1 Arsenal, QPR, Charlton Members Cup, L’pool LC+L+Screen Sport Cup Final £4, N’castle L+Members Cup, Man C, Forest, Norwich, W’don, L’cester, Watford, Sheff W LC+L, Chelsea, Oxford, Man U, Newport LC, WHU, Spurs, Villa, Soton, Coventry, Charlton, Forest, Luton, 87/8 50p Man U, Spurs, Arsenal, Charlton, Man C LC, 88/9 50p Derby, Arsenal, Man U, N’castle, Derby, QPR, Sheff W, Plymouth FAC, WHU, L’pool £2, Charlton, 89/90 50p Arsenal, Villa, QPR, Norwich, Sheff W, Coventry, Soton, Spurs, L’pool £3, Man U, Chelsea, 90/1 £1 Arsenal, L’pool FAC+L, Man C, Sheff U, Leeds ZDS Northern Final £3+L, Soton, Wrexham LC £2, Coventry, Man U, Spurs+ITV issue, QPR, Palace,  91/2 50p Arsenal, 92/3 50p Arsenal, L’pool, Soton, Sheff U, Man C, Chelsea LC+L, Boro, W’don LC+L+FAC, Leeds, Norwich, Spurs, Oldham, B’burn, Forest, Ipswich, QPR, Sheff W, Villa, Man U, Palace, R’ham LC, Coventry, 93/4 £1 L’pool, Arsenal, Man U LC+L, Palace LC, Sheff U, Leeds, QPR, Lincoln LC £2, Man C, N’castle, Sheff W, Soton, Villa, Norwich, 94/5 £1 Man U, L’pool, Norwich FAC £3, N’castle FAC £3, Villa, Forest, QPR, Pompey, Bolton FAC £3, Swindon, WHU, L’cester, Chelsea, Ipswich, Arsenal, Oldham, Spurs, B’burn, Coventry, W’don, 95/6 £1 Arsenal, Leeds, L’pool, Villa, Soton, Man U, N’castle. Millwall, Spurs, B’burn, QPR, Sheff W, whu, Boro, 96/7 £1 Arsenal, L’pool, Spurs, L’cester, Man U, Bradford, Forest, Derby, Chelsea, 97/8 £1.50 Arsenal, Man U, L’pool, Spurs, Chelsea, 98/9 £2 Leeds, L’pool, Arsenal, Man U, 99/00 £2 Arsenal, L’pool, 00/01 £2 Arsenal, Man U, 01/02 £2 L’pool, Arsenal, 02/03 £2 Arsenal, L’pool, 03/04 £3 Man U, 04/05 £3 Palace, Arsenal, 05/06 £3 Arsenal, Man U, 06/07 £3 Chelsea, Arsenal LC+L, 07/08 £3 Arsenal, 08/09 £3 Man U, Chelsea, Villa, Boro FAC+L, Hull, N’castle, Bolton, Spurs, Pompy, Wigan, B’burn, L’pool, Man C, WBA, Arsenal, N’castle, 10/11 £3.50 Chelsea L, Arsenal, 11/12 £3.50 Chelsea, 12/13 £3.50 Chelsea, Arsenal, 13/14 £4 Chelsea, EXETER 57/8 £4 Brighton, 59/60 £3 BPA sl tr, Carlisle, 60/1 £2 P’boro sl mk, Torquay, Stockport fld, Halifax, W’ton, 61/2 £2 Doncaster, C’field, 63/4 £2 Halifax, 64/5 £2 Southend, S’bury sof, Oldham sof, B’mouth, 65/6 £2 Swansea, Oxford sof, Gills fld, Swindon sof, Watford, Southend, S’thorpe, 67/8 £3 Nuneaton FAC,  68/9 £1.50 C’chester, Southend, 72/3 50p Reading, 78/9 50p Bury, 80/1 50p C’field, B’ford, B’pool, 81/2 50p C’field, 85/6 50p Stockport, Tranmere, PV, 87/8 £2 Newport, 88/9 50p Orient, 94/5 £1 S’boro, 98/9 £1 S’boro, 99/00 £1 Everton FAC,
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  Brian Johnson, Almondvale Programmes, 5 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QJ Scotland Tel 0131 652 1444