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47/8 Cowdenbeath SC fld £150, Motherwell SC £150, 51/2 £80 Dundee dam £20, 54/5 £50 Falkirk, Dundee, East Fife, St Mirren, Hearts LC+L, 56/7 £35 QP, Falkirk, Pars, Raith, East Fife LC+L, Partick, Dons LC, Hearts, 57/8 £25 St M, Airdrie LC dam £5+L, Partick sof, Hearts £50, Raith, Dundee sof, Partick, Falkirk, Stirling SC, Clyde SC sl sof £30, Hibs LC, 58/9 £25 St M LC dam £5+L, Raith sof, QOS, Falkirk, Clyde LC £30+L mks, Pars fld, Hearts, Hibs, 59/60 £20 Stirling, Hearts £30, Partick SC sof, Airdrie LC fld+L sof, Dons £30, Well fld, St M, Dundee, Pars, Arbroath sof, Ayr sof, 60/1 £20 Partick, Rangers LC sm sof £35, Hibs L+SC, Third Lanark LC, Montrose SC, Airdrie, 61/2 £15 Hibs LC+L, Falkirk fld, Third Lanark L+SC, Stirling, Partick LC, C’beath SC £25, Raith £25, Partick, 62/3 £10 Hearts LC+L fld, Killie, QOS, Dundee U LC fld+L, Dons, Rangers £20, Partick, Dundee £15, Hibs £25, Pars £15, Falkirk £15, St M sof, Third Lanark £15, 63/4 £10 St J, Well, Airdrie SC fld+L, Partick, Killie, St M, Hearts, Hibs, Falkirk, Dons, QOS LC, Pars, East Stirling, 64/5 £6 St M, Rangers £20, Partick LC+L £15, Third Lanark £10, Hibs £10, Pars £10, 65/6 £6 Dundee U LC, Hearts £10, Dundee LC, Falkirk pin hole, Killie pin hole, Hibs, Clyde £10, 66/7 £25 Hearts LC, Hibs, St J pin hole, Airdrie, Well sof rs £7.50, 67/8 £6 Dundee U LC, Falkirk, Clyde, Pars, Raith, Pars L, Morton sof, 68/9 £6 Dundee, Airdrie, Dons, St J L, Dundee U, Rangers LC, Raith, Hearts £7.50, Partick LC, Killie, St M, Dons, 69/70 £3 Partick, Killie, Dundee U SC, Hibs, Clyde, Airdrie LC+L, Hearts, Dundee, Raith LC+L, Pars L+SC, St J, Well, Ayr £5, Rangers SC, 70/1 £1 Hearts LC, Morton, Pars SC, Raith SC, QOS SC £3, Rangers £3, C’beath sl fld, Dundee U LC+L, St J., Dons, Dundee, Falkirk, Hibs, Ayr sl fld £15, Killie £3, St M, 71/2 £1 Albion SC, Hearts L £3+SC, Dundee L+SC, Falkirk, East Fife, Pars, Dons, Partick, Well, Ayr, Partick, Killie, Hibs, St J, 72/3 £1 Dons DC Semi+L+SC, East Fife L+SC, Hearts, Hibs, Airdrie, Killie, Dundee U, Dundee, Partick, Stirling LC £2, Arbroath, 73/4 £1 Arbroath LC+L, Rangers LC+L, C’bank SC, Stirling SC, Dundee U, Hearts, Sons, Hibs, East Fife, Well L+SC, St J., Clyde, Falkirk, Ayr, Dons, Dundee, Pars, 74/5 £1 Arbroath, Killie, Rangers, Ayr, Dons, Partick, Morton, Dundee U LC+L, Clyde, Pars, Hibs, Well LC+L, C’bank SC, Hearts, St J., Dundee £3, 75/6 50p Sons LC, Dundee Sept+ Jan, Hearts Oct+Feb, Hibs Feb, Well Nov+Mar, St J. Nov+Apr, Dons Nov+Apr, Dundee U Sept+Jan, Ayr Dec £2, Rangers Nov fld £2+Apr £3, 76/7 50p Ayr Dec+SC+ Apr, Hearts Sept+Feb, Hibs oct+Feb, Dons Dec+Apr, Killie Nov+Apr £2, Well Oct+ Mar, Rangers Sept £1+Jan £1+GC Final £2, Partick Feb+Mar, QOS SC, Dundee U Mar, Arbroath LC £1, 77/8 50p Dons Nov+Apr, Rangers Nov+Mar £1, C’bank Sept+Jan £3+Apr, Hibs Oct+ Apr, Well LC+Aug+Jan, Partick Dec+ Apr, St M Oct+LC+Feb, Stirling LC, Dundee Aug+Dec+SC incl insert £3, Dundee U Aug+Dec, Ayr Oct+Mar, Killie SC,  78/9 50p Dons Dec+Mar+SC, Hearts Aug+Dec+May, Dundee U LC+Dec+Apr, Hibs Sept+May, Well LC+Nov+Mar, St M Sept+Apr, Montrose LC, Berwick SC, Morton Oct+Mar, Dundee LC, Partick Nov+Apr, Rangers May fld £5, 79/80 £1 Dons Apr 5th+Apr 23rd+ LC, Dundee Oct+Feb, Dundee U DC+ Sept+ Jan, Falkirk LC, Hibs Nov+Mar, Partick Dec+Apr £2, Killie Aug+ Apr, Morton Aug+Dec+ SC, Raith SC, St M Sept+SC fld+Mar, Stirling LC, C’bank DC, Rangers Oct £2+Apr £2, 80/1 £1 Dons Nov+Mar, Airdrie Sept+Dec, Ayr DC, Dundee U LC+Oct+Jan, Rangers Feb, East Stirling SC, Hearts Dec+Apr, Killie Oct, Morton Aug+Jan, Partick Sept+LC+Mar, Hamilton LC, Stirling LC+SC, St M Nov+Mar, 81/2 £1 Dons Nov+Mar, Dundee Dec+Apr, Hibs LC+Feb+May, Morton Sept+Mar, Partick Sept+Feb £2, St M LC+3rd May+15th May £2, QOS SC, Rangers Nov+Apr, Dundee U Oct+Apr, Airdrie Aug (John Thomson memorial issue) £2+Mar, St J. LC, 82/3 £1 Dons Oct+Feb, Dundee Sept+Jan, Dundee U LC+Feb+Apr, Hearts SC, Hibs Sept+Jan, Killie Oct+Feb, Morton Dec+May, Well Nov+Apr, Rangers Oct, St M Nov+Mar, Pars LC+SC, Alloa LC, Arbroath LC, Partick LC £2, 83/4 £1 Dons Dec+Mar, Airdrie LC, Dundee U Dec+May £2, Hearts Oct+Feb, Dundee Nov+Apr+May £2, St J. Sept+Feb, St M Oct+Jan, Hibs LC+Oct+Apr, Well Nov, Killie LC, Brechin LC £4, Rangers Sept sl fld £2+Apr £2, 84/5 £1 Dons Oct+Feb, Sons Nov+May, Dundee SC+Dec, Dundee U Aug+Dec, Hearts Sept+Mar, Rangers May, St M Nov+Apr, Hibs Oct+Mar, Morton Sept+Feb, 85/6 £1 C’bank Nov+Dec, Dundee U Oct+Mar, Hearts Oct+Feb, Hibs Nov+Apr, Well Aug+Dec, Rangers Jan £1, St M Oct+Feb, QP SC, Dons Sept+Jan, Dundee Apr 2nd+26th, St J. SC, Brechin LC, 86/7 £1 Dons Dec+SC+ 2nd rep, C’bank Oct+Mar, Sons LC, Dundee Dec, Dundee U Nov+ Apr, Falkirk Nov+May, Hamilton Sept+Jan, Hearts Oct+Feb, Hibs Sept+Jan, Well Oct+Mar, Rangers Apr £1+Res, Dundee Aug+Dec, St M Oct+Feb, Morton Oct, 87/8 £3 Hearts Aug+ Dec, Rangers Aug+Jan, Forfar LC, Morton Oct, Dundee U Oct, Dundee Nov, Hibs Oct+SC+Jan, Pars May, Falkirk Oct+ Mar, Well Aug, St M Nov+Apr, Dons Sept+Dec, S’raer SC, 88/9 £1 C’bank SC, Sons SC, Dundee Oct+Apr, Dundee U Oct+Mar, Ayr LC, Rangers Apr £3, Dons Sept, Hamilton LC+Sept+Jan, Hearts Aug+ Dec+SC, Hibs Nov+May, Well Sept+Feb, St M Oct+Jan, 89/90 £1 Pars Aug+Dec+ SC, Hearts Oct+Mar, Hibs Oct+Feb, Well Sept+Jan, Rangers Aug+Jan £3+SC £2, St M Nov+Apr, QOS LC, Dundee U Nov+Mar, Dons Dec+May, Dundee Dec, 90/1 £1 Dons Sept, Dec+Apr, Hearts Sept+Dec, Dundee U Oct, St J Oct, Hibs Sept+Jan, St M Nov+SC+ May £2, QOS LC, 91/2 £1 Dundee U Oct+Mar+SC, Falkirk Aug+Feb, Hearts Oct+Jan, Montrose SC, Hibs Dec+May, Rangers Aug £3, St M Sept+ Dec, Dons Nov, Airdrie Sept+Feb, Raith LC, Pars Apr, Well Nov+Mar, Morton SC , 92/3 £1 Dundee LC+Dec, Hibs Sept +Mar, Dons Dec+May, Hearts Oct+Mar, Partick Sept+Feb, Well Aug+ Jan, St J. Sept+Feb, Falkirk Nov+Apr, Dundee U Aug+Dec, Clyde SC, Airdrie Oct+Apr, 93/4 £1 Well Nov, Partick Nov, Raith Nov+Mar, Hibs Aug+Dec, Dons Sept+ Jan 15th+19th, Dundee U Sept+Jan, Airdrie LC, Hearts Nov+Apr, Killie Oct, Dundee Oct+Apr, St J. Dec+ Apr, 94/5 £1 Hearts Dec+Jan+ Apr, Killie Sept+ Jan, Rangers May, Well Dec+ Apr, Hibs Sept+ Feb, Dundee U LC+Jan, Falkirk Oct+Dec, M’bank SC £3, Partick Nov, Dons Oct+Mar, St M SC £3, 95/6 £1 Hibs Oct+ Feb, Raith LC+ Nov+SC, Well Sept+Jan, Dons Apr, Killie Dec+Apr, Hearts Nov+Mar, Rangers LC+Sept+Jan, Partick Oct, Dundee U SC, 96/7 £1 Dundee U Dec+May, Pars Sept+Dec, Hearts Nov+Mar, Killie Jan+ May, Hibs Sept+Jan+ SC, Well Oct+Jan, Rangers Nov+Mar+SC, Raith Aug+Feb, Dons Nov+ Apr, 97/8 £1 Hearts Dec+ Mar, Killie Oct+Feb, Hibs Dec+ Apr, Rangers Sept+Nov+Jan, St J. Oct+May £10, Dundee U Nov+Mar, Morton SC, Pars Aug+Feb, Dons Sept+Feb, Well Apr, 98/9 £1.50 Well Nov+Apr, Hearts Sept+Feb, Dundee U Aug+Feb, Killie Sept+ Feb, Pars Aug+Dec+SC, Rangers Nov+ May, Airdrie SC, Dons Oct+May, Dundee Nov+Apr, St J. Sept+Jan, 99/00 £1.50 Well Apr £3, Hearts Aug+Feb, Dundee LC+Mar+ Apr, Dundee U Dec+May, Hibs Dec+ Apr, Caley SC Jan £3+Feb £3, Rangers Dec+Mar, St J. Aug+Mar, Dons Oct+May, Killie Oct+Apr, 00/01 £2 St M Oct+Apr, Dons Dec, Raith LC, Well Aug+ Feb, Dundee U Oct, Pars Dec+SC, Dundee Sept+Apr+May, Hearts Nov+Apr+SC, Hibs Sept+Feb, Raith LC, St J. Nov, Killie Aug+Jan, Pars Dec, Dundee Apr+May, 01/02 £2 St J. July+Jan, Livi Dec+Apr, Rangers Nov+Apr, Pars Sept+ Feb+Apr, Dundee Dec, Stirling LC, Hearts Aug+ Jan, Dundee U Oct +Mar, Dons Sept+Mar, Hibs Dec, Well Jan, 02/03 £3 Rangers Oct+Mar, Dundee Dec+ May, Dundee U Aug+Jan, Partick LC+ Nov, Caley LC, St M SC, Pars Aug+Dec, Hibs Sept+Mar, Hearts Dec+May, Killie Sept, Livi Sept+ Feb, Dons Nov, St J. SC, 03/04 £3 Rangers Jan+SC+May, Hearts Oct+Apr, Pars Nov+ May, Dundee U Aug+Feb+May, Livi Aug+Feb, Hibs Dec, Well Sept+ Mar, Dons Oct+Apr, Partick Nov, Dundee Dec, Ross Co SC, Killie Jan, 04/05 £3 Hearts Oct+May, Pars Sept+Mar, Well Aug+ Jan, Dundee U Dec, Hibs Dec+Apr, Livi Jan, Dundee Sept+ Mar, Rangers Aug+SC+Feb, Falkirk LC, Dons Oct+Apr+May, Caley Nov, Killie Nov, 05/06 £3.50 Hearts Oct+Apr, Dons Sept+ Mar, Hibs Dec+Apr, Rangers Nov+LC+Apr, Livi Dec, Falkirk Aug, Pars Nov, Dundee U Aug+Jan, Well Oct, Caley Sept+Mar (Jimmy Johnstone tribute issue) £7.50, 06/07 £3.50 Hibs Aug+Feb, Hearts Nov+Apr, Pars Sept+Mar, Falkirk LC+Dec, Dons Dec+ May, St M Aug+LC+Jan, Well Oct+Apr, Rangers Sept+Mar, Caley Nov, Dundee U Dec, Sons SC, Killie July+Jan, 07/08 £3 Hearts Aug+LC+Feb, Hibs Dec+May, Well Oct+Apr, Caley Sept+Feb, Dundee U Sept+Mar, Dons Nov+Apr+ SC, Rangers Apr 16th+27th, Stirling SC, St M Dec, Gretna Dec £5, Killie Aug+Jan, Falkirk Dec, 08/09 £3.50 Falkirk Aug+Apr, Rangers Aug+Feb, Hibs Oct+Jan, Caley Nov, Livi LC, St M Aug +Feb (7-0), Hearts Dec+May, Hamilton Oct+Apr, Well Nov, Dundee U Jan+May, Killie Nov, QP SC, Dundee SC, Dons Sept+Apr, 09/10 £3.50 Hearts Sept+LC+Feb, Dundee U Sept+Feb, St J. Aug+Mar, Dons Dec, Killie Oct+Mar (Tommy Burns tribute issue) £5, Hibs Jan+Apr, Rangers Jan+May, Well Oct+Apr+May, St M Nov, Falkirk Jan, 10/11 £3.50 Hibs Sept+Apr, Rangers Oct+Feb+ SC, Caley LC+Nov, St M Aug+Apr, Hamilton Oct+Mar (Jock Stein Legend issue) £10, Dons Nov+Jan, St J. Dec, Dundee U Nov+May, Well Dec+May, Hearts Sept+Jan, Killie Dec, 11/12 £4 Hibs Oct, St M Nov, Caley Sept+Feb, Pars Nov+Feb, St J Aug+Apr+May £5, Hearts Dec+ May, Dundee Utd Aug, Well Sept+Feb, Hibs Oct, Dons Oct, Rangers Dec £10+Apr £10, Killie Dec, 12/13 £4 Hearts Oct+Jan, Hibs Sept+Apr, Dundee Sept+Feb, St M Dec, Dons Aug+Mar, Raith LC, Caley Nov+Apr, St J LC+Nov+May £5, Dundee U Jan+Feb+May, Killie Oct+Jan, Arbroath SC, Ross Co Dec, Well Jan, 13/14 £4 Well Oct, Caley Aug+Mar, Killie Jan, St M SC+Feb+Mar, Dons Nov+SC+ Apr+May, Morton LC, St J Feb, Ross Co Aug+ Mar, Dundee U Nov+May, Hearts Dec, Partick Jan, 14/15 £4.50 Dons Sept +Mar, Well Sept+Jan, Caley Nov+May, Hamilton Oct+Feb, Killie Oct+Apr, Dundee Nov+May, St M Dec, Partick Dec+Apr, Hearts LC, Ross Co Dec, St J Mar, Dundee U SC+Mar, 15/16 £4.50 Hearts Sept+Apr, Raith LC, Caley Aug+Feb, Dundee Sept+Mar, Hamilton Jan (8-1), Dundee U Oct, Partick Jan, Morton SC, Well Dec+May, Dons Oct+May, St J Aug +Jan, Ross Co Aug+Feb, Raith LC, 16/17 £4.50 Hearts Jan £10+May (Champions issue), Well LC+Oct+Feb, Caley Nov+SC, Killie Sept+Apr, Rangers Sept+Mar, Partick Dec+Apr, St M SC, Dundee Dec, Hamilton Dec+Feb, Alloa LC, Dons Aug+Feb, St J Jan+May, Ross Co Dec, St M SC,
52/3 £40 Third Lanark SC fld, 54/5 £30 Dundee, 55/6 £25 East Fife, 56/7 £10 Brechin, Albion, 57/8 £6 Falkirk L, Airdrie, Dundee, Killie, Raith, Dons £10, QP, Celtic £15, St M, Arbroath SC £50, 58/9 £6 Falkirk, Hearts £10, Hibs £10, Killie, Raith sof, Dundee, Third Lanark sof £10, 59/60 £5 Hibs sof £10, Arbroath, QP SC fld, Killie sof, Airdrie, Third Lanark LC £10+SC+L fld £15, Well sof £7.50, 60/1 £5 Dundee, Hibs L+SC sl fld, Well, Partick sof, St M, Third Lanark sof £7.50, 61/2 £3 Berwick fld sof, Forfar mk, Brechin fld, Arbroath sof, 62/3 £2.50 Hibs, C’beath LC, St M, QOS sof, Falkirk, St. J. LC, Third Lanark £5, 63/4 £2.50 QP, Morton LC+L, Forfar SC, Hamilton, Raith sof, Alloa, Stranraer sl wof, 64/5 £2.50 Hibs £10, Morton LC+SC, St J., St M, Partick, Celtic £10, Airdrie, Third Lanark £7.50, 65/6 £2.50 Hibs £6, Hearts LC fld, St M, Pars fld sl dam, Hamilton fld, Dundee sl fld, Morton sof tape mks, Rangers sl mks £5, 66/7 £2.50 Hibs £10, Killie, Falkirk, Airdrie, Dundee U, Well sof, East Fife SC, Ayr, Celtic LC sl tr pin holes £25, 67/8 £2.50 Morton, Airdrie, Falkirk sof, Hibs LC £10+L £7.50, Well LC wof £3+L £5, Stirling £4, Killie £4, 68/9 £2 Celtic L £4, Raith, Hearts, Dons LC £4, Hibs, Pars L, Killie fld sof, Partick, St J., Airdrie, Dundee U, Morton, Falkirk sof, Rangers, Well, 69/70 £1 Dundee, St J., Killie, Hearts, Hibs LC £3+L £2, Raith, Pars LC, Celtic £5, 70/1 £1 Dundee, Hibs £3, Dundee U LC £2, Celtic LC £5+L, Hearts £3, Rangers sof, 71/2 £1 Hibs £2, Rangers, Dons £5, Hearts £3, Dundee LC, 72/3 50p C’bank, 73/4 50p Rangers, Celtic £3, Ayr, Hibs £7.50, Hearts £7.50, 74/5 50p Dons £5, Hibs £3, Rangers, Celtic sof, Hearts, Pars, 75/6 50p Hearts £3, C’bank, 76/7 50p Airdrie Aug, M’bank Sept £3, Berwick Feb, 77/8 50p M’bank Dec, 78/9 50p C’bank Dec, 79/80 50p Hearts Dec+Apr £3, C’bank Dec, Ayr Nov, Pars Nov, Sons Sept, Well Sept, Airdrie Oct, Berwick Oct, Rangers LC £2+SC £2, 80/1 50p QOS Nov+Apr, East Fife Aug, , Hibs LC £5, M’bank Feb, 81/2 50p QP LC, C’bank LC, S’muir Mar, Arbroath Mar, Brechin Apr, C’beath Nov, M’bank SC, Montrose Nov, 82/3 50p Hearts LC £3+Dec £3, 83/4 50p Dons SC, Rangers GC Semi £2, M’bank Dec, 84/5 50p M’bank Sept £3+Apr £2, Well Mar, East Fife Sept, Killie Aug, 85/6 50p Alloa Apr (last at Shawfield) £10, East Fife Mar, 86/7 50p Brechin Nov, Falkirk LC, Airdrie Feb, qos Auf sl fld+Dec, East Fife Dec, 87/8 50p M’bank Sept+Jan, East Fife Jan, QOS Sept, 88/9 60p Rangers LC, C’bank Sept, M’bank Jan £2, Morton Jan, Airdrie Dec, 89/90 60p St J. Oct, Airdrie Aug, 90/1 80p Hibs SC, C’bank Aug £2, Ayr April £10, Morton May £10, 91/2 70p Dons LC £3, East Stirling Oct, Arbroath SC, 92/3 £1 Celtic SC £3, QOS Feb, Brechin Jan, 93/4 £1 Hamilton Sept, Pars Feb £5, Airdrie Oct, Ayr Aug £3, 94/5 £1 QOS Nov+Jan, M’bank Oct £5, Berwick Feb, 95/6 £1 Ayr Oct, Rangers SC £2, 96/7 £1.50 Celtic LC, QOS Aug+Mar, 97/8 £1.50 Livi Oct+Feb, S’muir Sept, 98/9 £1.50 Caley Sept+Jan, Livi Sept, Forfar Mar, 99/00 £1.50 Hearts SC, Hibs LC, Partick Jan £3, 00/01 £1.50 Caley Nov+ Mar, 01/02 £2 Partick Nov+Mar, 02/03 £2.50 QOS Oct+Apr, 03/04 £3 QOS Nov+Apr, Caley Oct+May £5,  04/05 £3 Ross Co Feb, QOS Mar, Partick Dec, 05/06 £3 QOS Dec, Celtic SC £5, 06/07 £3 QOS Nov+ Mar, Livi Sept+Feb, 07/08 £3.50 QOS Dec+Mar, Livi Dec, 08/09 £3.50 QOS Sept+ Feb,  Annan (1st competitive game) £5. 09/10 £3.50 C’beath Mar, Livi SC, Stirling Aug, 10/11 £2.50 Annan Sept, C’beath LC, Berwick Aug+SC+Jan, 11/12 £3.50 Annan Mar, QP Jan, Berwick CC+Sept+Jan, 12/13 £3.50 Annan Jan, Berwick Dec+Apr, Rangers Oct+Feb, Partick CC, 13/14 £3.50 QP Aug+Jan, Berwick Aug+Feb, Montrose Sept, Albion Dec, Annan Apr, Falkirk CC, QOS May, 14/15 £4 East Stirling Nov, Berwick Aug+Jan, 15/16 £4 Berwick Sept+Feb, 16/17 £4.50 Annan Dec, C’beath Feb, Ayr Feb, Edin City Dec+Mar, Berwick LC+Nov+Apr (500th match at Broadwood) sl fld,
CLYDEBANK  Please refer to Scottish non League for other issues
76/7 £1 Rangers LC, 77/8 50p Dundee U Sept £2, Well Oct+Feb, Ayr Dec +Apr, Rangers Dec+Apr £3, St M Oct+Mar, Dons Dec, Hibs Nov+Mar, Partick Sept, 79/80 £1 Hearts Nov, Hamilton Oct, Airdrie Sept, Ayr Sept+Jan, Sons Aug, Clyde Oct, 80/1 £2 Hibs Nov, Dundee U LC £5, 81/2 £5 St M SC, 82/3 50p Celtic SC, St J Mar (Saints issue) £5, 83/4 £1 Partick Dec, 84/5 50p St J. Aug, Ayr Oct, Falkirk Dec, Partick Oct+Mar, Forfar Mar, Clyde Nov+Mar, Airdrie Jan+Mar, Hamilton Sept+Feb, Killie Sept, Brechin Feb+Apr, M’bank Oct £2, Well Nov £2, East Fife Dec, 84/5 Res £1 QP Dec, Hamilton Feb, Partick Apr, 85/6 50p Hearts Sept+Feb, East Stirling (Stirling Cup), S’muir (Stirling Cup), Rangers Sept, Dundee Aug+Dec, Hibs Oct+Mar, St M Nov+Mar, Celtic Aug £1+Mar £3, Raith LC, Falkirk SC, Well Oct+Apr, Falkirk Jan, Dons Dec £2+May £3, Dundee U Nov+Apr £3, 85/6 Res £2 v Dons Oct, Hibs Sept, Rangers Nov, Hearts Nov, 86/7 50p St J. LC, Rangers Nov, Dundee SC+Oct+Feb, St M Oct+Mar, Hibs Dec+SC+May, Hearts Nov+Mar, Falkirk Aug+Jan+SC, Dons Sept+Jan £2, Alloa Stirling Cup, Hamilton Oct+Feb, Dundee U Aug+Dec, Celtic Aug+Dec £2, St J LC, Well Nov, 86/7 Res £2 Rangers Sept, 87/8 50p Raith Sept+Jan, Hamilton Oct+Apr, Partick Aug+Nov+SC (2 different covers) £2, East Fife Sept+Mar, Airdrie Sept, QOS Aug, Killie Sept+Dec, Clyde Oct+Mar (2 different covers) £2, Forfar Oct+Apr, Sons Nov+ Mar, M’bank Nov £2+Apr £3, 88/9 50p Falkirk Aug+Mar, Raith Dec, Pars Sept+Mar, S’muir LC, Killie Sept+May £3, Forfar Oct, Airdrie oct, Clyde Nov, M’bank Nov £2, QOS Feb, Morton Jan, Ayr Jan, Partick Jan, Montrose SC £2, 89/90 50p M’bank Sept £2, Airdrie Oct, Forfar Nov, Clyde Apr, Raith Dec+Mar, St J Dec, Albion Jan, St M SC, M’bank LC / Partick Aug, Stirling SC, 90/1 50p Airdrie Dec+Mar, Falkirk Sept, Killie Sept+Apr £2, Forfar Oct, Hamilton Oct, Brechin Mar, Clyde Nov, Raith Dec, Ayr SC, Partick May £5, Morton Jan, 91/2 50p Raith AugJan, Hibs SC, Stirling Sept / Clyde B+Q, Killie Sept, M’bank Oct £2+Jan £3, Forfar Oct, Morton Mar, C’beath SC, 91/2 Res £1 Albion Sept / Forfar RLC, 92/3 £3 Dons SC £10, Morton May, Raith May, Ayr Aug, Hamilton Feb, Sons Aug, 92/3 Res £1 Albion Aug, 93/4 £1 St M Oct, 94/5 50p Raith Nov, Hearts SC, 96/7 50p Celtic SC, Rangers LC £2, 98/9 £1 Hibs Sept £3+Mar £3, Airdrie Oct, St M Sept +Jan, Raith Mar,
51/2 £60 QP, 53/4 £60 Sons, 56/7 Partick LC £15, Morton LC £15, 57/8 Pars £25, 58/9 St J LC £20, East Fife £20, Morton LC £20, Alloa £15, 70/1 £1 St M, Clyde, Airdrie L+SC, Dundee, Dons, Hearts, Hibs, Celtic, Well, 71/2 £1 Berwick LC+L, S’raer, Alloa, QP LC+L, Stirling, Sons, QOS, St M, Albion, 72/3 £1 Stirling, Raith, Alloa, QOS, Clyde, QP, 73/4 £1 Brechin, Raith, QOS PH, 74/5 £1 QOS, S’raer, Raith, S’muir, East Stirling, Stirling, Berwick,77/8 £1 Clyde Apr, Albion Sept, Stranraer Nov, QP Oct, Brechin LC, 78/9 £1 Forfar Sept, East Fife Nov,Raith Aug, 79/80 £1 QP Sept, QOS Oct+Feb, East Fife Oct, Brechin Sept, S’muir Mar, East Stirling Jan, Forfar SC, 80/1 £1 Brechin Sept, East Fife Jan, Clyde Oct+Feb, S’raer Sept, S’muir Nov+ Feb, QOS Jan, Albion Oct, Raith Fife Cup Semi, Dundee U LC, 83/4 £1 Hearts LC, QOS Oct, East Fife Mar, Albion Nov+Mar, S’raer Oct, Berwick Feb+ Apr, S’muir Dec, Dundee SC, Forfar Jan+Mar, Arbroath Dec, QP Sept, East Stirling Sept, Stirling Sept+Feb, Montrose Nov+ SC, Pars Mar, 84/5 £1 Stirling Nov+Jan, Raith Feb, Rangers LC, St M SC, Partick LC, S’raer Sept, East Stirling Feb, QP LC+Feb+ Apr, Montrose Mar, S’muir Dec £3+Feb+Mar+Apr, Arbroath Feb+Mar, Albion Jan, Pars Nov, QOS Oct+Apr, Berwick Aug, East Fife May, 85/6 £1 East Stirling Nov, Arbroath Nov, Albion Sept+Mar, Berwick Sept+SC £2+Apr, Hearts LC £2, St J. Dec+Apr £3, S’raer Feb Post+Mar insert, Stirling Nov+Apr, Pars Jan £2+Mar 5th s/s £2+ Mar 15th, Raith Aug, QP Oct, S’muir Oct, QOS SC, M’bank Aug £2, 86/7 £1 Arbroath Sept+Feb, Alloa Nov, M’bank Oct, St J LC+Feb, Albion Aug, Raith Sept+Mar, QP May, 87/8 £2 S’raer Dec, Stirling Nov, QP LC+Oct, Clyde SC, S’muir Feb, Berwick Apr, 88/9 £2 S’muir SC, Brechin Feb, East Fife Jan, 89/90 £1 Pars SC, East Fife Feb, QOS Dec+Mar, East Fife Feb, Stirling Mar, S’raer Nov, Killie Jan, East Stirling Apr, Berwick Mar, 90/1 £2 East Stirling Sept, East Fife Jan, Alloa Mar+May, S’raer Dec mk+Mar, Albion Nov+ Mar, Sons Nov+Feb, QP Dec+Apr, Hearts LC, Berwick Oct, QOS Sept, Arbroath Apr, S’muir May, 91/2 £2 Partick B+Q, Arbroath LC+s/s LC rep £5, Killie LC autos £2, Brechin Jan+Feb s/s £3+Apr, East Fife Sept, Clyde Feb+Mar, Sons Oct, East Stirling Nov+ Mar, QOS Aug, Berwick Sept+ Mar, Stranraer Dec, QP Nov, Alloa Oct, Albion Sept, S’muir Aug, 92/3 £1 Hibs SC, Sons Sept+Jan, St M Oct+ Jan, Pars Aug+Feb, Montrose Oct, Killie Dec+May £3, Morton Oct+Apr, C’bank Aug, Raith Sept+Feb, M’bank Aug+Jan, Stirling Oct+ Mar, Ayr Nov+Apr, Hamilton Nov, 94/5 £1 Albion Nov+Apr, Caley Dec+ Apr, Pars B+Q £2+Oct, East Stirling Sept, S’muir Feb, Montrose May £2, 95/6 £1 Brechin Feb, QP Apr, Alloa Aug+ Mar, Arbroath Oct, 96/7 £1.50 Caley Apr, Albion Dec, Sons SC, Alloa Apr, Forfar LC+Dec, , Arbroath Mar, 97/8 £1.50 Sons Aug, Albion Jan, Arbroath Oct, 98/9 £1.50 Albion Apr, Sons Nov+Apr, Montrose Aug, Livi LC, Brechin Sept+Jan, QP Oct, Berwick Feb, S’muir May £4, Ross Co Oct, 99/00 £2 East Fife Sept+ Jan, Forfar Aug+Feb, Livi LC, Montrose Oct sl fld+Apr, Albion Feb, Clyde SC, QP May, East Stirling Mar, Berwick Mar, 00/01 £2 Falkirk CC, S,muir CC, Sons Nov+Mar, Elgin LC+Aug+ Mar, Albion Aug, Hamilton Mar, East Fife Apr, Brechin Dec+May, 01/02 £2 Alloa Aug, Berwick Aug+Feb, Morton Mar, Forfar Mar, S’raer Oct, 02/03 £1.50 Raith Aug+ Jan, Airdrie Nov+Mar, Berwick Nov+Apr, Forfar Aug+Mar, Sons Oct+Feb, Pars LC, Ross Co. CC, Stranraer Oct, 03/04 £1.50 East Stirling Mar, Ross Co CC, P’head Dec, Raith Fife Cup Semi, 04/05 £2 Sons SC, Elgin Sept, QP May, 05/06 £3 East Fife Mar (4th+ 21st), East Stirling Apr, Elgin Dec+ Mar (28th) +(7th)+Apr, Berwick Jan, QP Feb, 06/07 £2 Alloa Dec, Raith Nov+Mar, Ayr Oct, Stirling CC, Falkirk LC, 07/08 £2 Berwick Oct+Mar, Ayr Jan, Ross Co Jan, Raith Aug+Jan, Livi Dec, QP Dec, 08/09 £2.50 Elgin SC, Livi Apr, Berwick Sept+Jan, 09/10 £2.50 Alloa SC+Feb, Brechin Oct, East Fife Mar, Stirling Sept+Jan, 10/11 £3 Falkirk Mar+Apr, Partick Jan, Morton Mar, 11/12 £3  Forfar Apr, Albion Jan, Stirling Feb, Hibs SC £25, Airdrie jan, Sons Mar, S’muir Mar, Brechin Feb, Forfar Oct, 12/13 £3 Pars Jan, Sons Nov+Apr, Partick Dec+Mar, Airdrie Mar, Morton Jan, Res £2 v Rangers, Raith, Airdrie, East Fife LC, Livi LC, 13/14 £3 Morton Oct+Mar, Pars CC, Sons Aug+Jan, Falkirk Jan, Raith Feb, Dundee Feb, Alloa Mar, Livi Dec+Apr, QOS May, 14/15 £3.50 Sons Dec+Apr, QOS Jan, Raith Aug+Jan, Hibs Nov £5+Mar, Alloa Feb, Livi Apr, Rangers Nov £5+Jan post+Mar insert £6, Hearts Dec incl insert+Apr £10, 15/16 £3.50 Ayr Apr, QP P/O Semi, S’muir Apr, Brechin Apr, Forfar Sept, 15/16 RES £1 v Stenhousemuir, Berwick, Forfar, Raith, 16/17 £4 Forfar Apr, Elgin Feb, Stirling Mar, 17/18 £4 Clyde Dec,
16/17 Livingston IB Cup £6,
16/17 Hamilton Under 20’s IB Cup £5

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